1 x 350g of Wax
1 x Reusable Jar
1 x Handmade Tag

Big Candle

  • Our homemade range of luxury scented soy wax candles are made using the perfect balance of quality fragrances, essential oils and soy wax, blended by hand and hand poured into reusable glass jars containing a 100% cotton wick.


    Our choice to use soy wax was simple, not only does soy wax melt at a lower temperature it also gives a clean burn, giving our customers a longer lasting candle without the soot and chemicals you may get from other manufacturers.


    Keeping the wick trimmed to 5mm max should ensure the best burn and leaving the wax to melt completely across the top each time you use the candle will increase its lifespan.

    Big candles are 350ml volume and burn for up to 70 hours.